Importance of Sustainability and Recycling

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Earth gives us everything we need for living but the humanity is under threat of extinction if we do not start taking better care for the environment and live more sustainable - reduce the harmful impact of human activities on the environment and reduce consumption of natural resources. Using sustainable materials for building, such as with recycled bricks and timber or even usage of simple things like eco friendly lighting or furnishing your home can make all the difference. Population growth creates an unprecedented pressure on the environment as well as natural resources which are vital of vital importance for survival not only of human population but other living creatures on Earth as well. Most of these vital resources are available in limited amounts and fossil fuels are not the only problem. On the contrary, consumption of fossil fuels seems to be of secondary importance in compare to the importance of access to clean water, soil and air.


The way of life as we are used to and consumption of natural resources at the current rate cannot continue otherwise the future or perhaps even the current generations will face serious problems with lack of natural resources which are decreasing at a alarming rate. We simply cannot afford to continue with poor environmental Eco-Friendly Waste Removal management and irresponsible use of natural resources because at certain point, there will be no resources left. And when this happens, the humanity will face serious problems which can jeopardize the survival of the human race as such. The scientists do not know how the planet can support the rapid population growth (by the end of year 2011 the human population will reach 7 billion) but the best solution at the moment are without a doubt sustainability and recycling.

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The main goal of sustainability is to take advantage of renewable resources such as using stoves like the eco friendly wood stove, rather than gas, reduce consumption of non-renewable resources which means that consumption of normally expensive services such as business electricity can become cheaper as well as living in harmony with the nature. SOme good advice can be found on regarding efficient heating stoves. Recycling or reuse of resources, materials and in the end, of waste is an important part of sustainability because it reduces the negative human impact on the environment and helps reduce the pressure on natural resources. Sustainability, however, requires a major reorganization of lifestyle, economy, transport and other human activities that have negative impact on the environment and increase consumption of natural resources. Although sustainability cannot be achieved without sacrifices of each individual, it does not require as dramatic lifestyle changes as it may appear at a first glance. The alternative resources such as renewable energy for instance have not been fully taken advantage yet which also leaves a lot of space for business opportunities.

Every action that contributes to better sustainability is helpful no matter how unimportant it may seem. The governments can help in the transition to sustainability by legal adjustments and subsidiaries for projects that help reduce the harmful impact of human activities on the environment and conserve natural resources,however, in the end it all depends on the people and their willingness to be a part of the efforts to leave the future generations an “inhabitable“ planet.